Yeast Infections: Why You Get Them And How To Treat Them

It doesn’t take much to throw your body off balance. When this interruption is present, the resulting disaster is known as a yeast infection. Yeast infections plague many and aren’t always easy to stop. Read on to learn some advice and tips to prevent or mitigate the symptoms of a yeast infection.

Stress is something that can also make you more prone to getting a yeast infection. Stress can have a huge impact on your body’s immune system and thus hinders your body’s ability to fight yeast infections.

When you have a yeast infection, take ibuprofen or aspirin to ease your discomfort. It’s best to keep your life on track by tending to the symptoms as you treat the cause.

Douching is a four letter word for a yeast sufferer. Although you probably think that douching is a good way to clean your genital area, it is important to realize that the human body has its own self cleaning mechanisms which are delicately balanced. By throwing off your body’s pH, you may get more yeast infections. A bit of soap is all you need to stay clean.

You need to know how acidophilus can make your life so much better. This can be found in yogurt and can help fight off a yeast infection. Only choose natural, unsweetened yogurt to ensure it doesn’t cause more problems than it cures. Yeast infections feed on sugar, so buying yogurt that contains sugar would be counter-productive.

Try to avoid the decorative underwear if you tend to get yeast infections. Plain cotton panties help keep you dry. Nylon and other synthetic panties keep moisture near your body. This helps breed yeast and could lead to a new infection.

Birth Control

When you are treating a yeast infection with a cream, do not use diaphragms or condoms. This cream may cause interference with your birth control methods. You should not have sex until your infection is cured. If you choose to be sexually active anyway, speak to a doctor and ask about effective birth control during this time.

The vagina is very sensitive, and it doesn’t take much to upset its natural balance. With such imbalance often comes a yeast infection. There are treatments which work though. Use these tips to get some much needed relief.

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